Crook Custom Guitars

"Since I have been dealing with SGW I couldn't be more pleased. Every piece I have received from them have been exactly what I ordered. Their craftsmanship and attention to detail is outstanding. Not to mention they are great people and easy to work with. They are helping me build the best guitars of my career. "

- Bill


I've had guitar parts from all the different companies in the US. SGW are offering the best quality workmanship, they're paying great attention to detail and their choice of wood is at least as good as the other top companies...and better! I couldn't be any happier with the guitars I've put together. The best part about SGW is definitely the exceptional customer service which is second to absolutely none. These guys are serious, they're the best at what they're doing and most importantly they are striving to get better and better every single day!

- George


"Hey guys,

Just received the neck - INCREDIBLE!!!!! Seriously awesome work. Beautiful piece of maple, and the rosewood is stunning as well. Pristine craftsmanship. I think I’ve just found my new go-to neck company. Thanks again. Can’t wait to assemble this."

- Nick

"[Just] got 2 great SGW NECKS! Will let U know what’s next!! Thx- SGW Rocks!!!"

- Richard



"Crazy flame thanks to soundguitarworks. Dude, you totally get me. The company I used to use for wood cutting has lost all sight of what’s important. When Bill Crook emailed me and gave me the 411, I knew it was time to jump ship. Thank you for not losing sight of the small guitar builder in a world of those who are just chasing the big dollars. Soundguitarworks, we will be doing much business together in the future."


"I love this spruce thinline. Outstanding! You knocked it out of the park. Hope it wasn’t too much trouble using spruce.... I’m probably gonna want more. LOL. Big thanks! This is the most remarkable thinline tele I have ever heard or played. Thanks so much. I will be back for more of these!"

- Willie


"After building guitars by hand for 25 plus years and every instrument varying slightly with feel and play ability I wanted a more consistent way of producing my guitars. Then I discovered that many large scale, well known guitar companies were using CNC technology to make their instruments and I knew this is the way I wanted to go. Also during this time I had several guitar endorsements as a player and was never satisfied with the end product and knew I was going to have to do this myself.

"So I created my perfect guitar design which featured every little detail I wanted and needed as a player using DXF files and needed to find a company with high standards and great quality control to produce the necks and bodies for me. This was no easy task because so many companies were not able to take what I had created and put them into CAD or worse yet, were not willing to work with me because I was not financially able to purchase 100 plus units per order. So after many years of discouragement and continued searching to my amazement I discovered Best Guitar Parts which later became Sound Guitar Works! This is what I was looking for and was the birth of DeJayce Guitars!
"They were able to take what I had created and produce the highest quality necks and bodies I have seen in the industry and allow me to create my dream guitars and share them with my many happy customers.

"The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled in everything from CAD and CNC manufacturing all the way to the most articulate sanding and detailing of any company in the industry today which allows me to produce the most perfect guitar I have ever built! The tolerances are closer than 1/100 of an inch accuracy which ensures an incredibly tight and perfect fit for neck pockets and joints!

"So with much love and gratitude I highly recommend Sound Guitar Works for your own custom guitar line, you will not regret it!"


Dannyjoe Carter,
Owner/Operator of DeJayce Guitars